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Classmates: A Social Networking Website That Lets You Find Old Classmates

The wonders of computer technology make it possible for us to learn about our former elementary, high school or college classmates without the need of organizing homecomings. As we grow older we sometimes move out of our community to grab opportunities in different places or change our surnames when we get married. These situations make searching for old friends a harder task to do. If you are wondering what happened to your college sweetheart, and who among your friends have succeeded in their chosen professions, the website to turn to is Classmates.


Classmates is a social networking website that is especially created to meet the need of people to keep old relationships and build new ones too. However, it is much different from other social networking websites because the services that it offers are for a certain fee. There is also an available free membership plan but you are limited in the things that you can do in the website. At present, there are three levels of paid membership that you can choose from. These are inexpensive and worth your every single penny.

If you are interested on its features, visit Classmates at At its homepage, you are directed to search for your school. After which, you will have to create your profile. This is to be displayed on the website as it contains information about you that you want to share with other people. When you grab the free membership plan, you can post your profile and view other members’ profiles. But this is all you can do. You cannot contact or invite them. That is why it is encouraged to get one of the paid membership programs.

There are three ways of searching for your classmates. One is to type their names under user search. The second is typing the name of your school or the schools you’ve attended and third is putting the exact year you graduated. Payment for membership in the Classmates website is only to up 5 dollars a month maximum. You enjoy the benefit of contacting your classmates and sending broadcast messages to all people in your school network. This facilitates easier communication when organizing social activities or promoting certain services or businesses. Paid membership also gives you the privilege of using the website’s message boards.

Reconnecting with your former classmates is a fun thing to do. These are the people you’ve shared special memories and dreams with. It would be very enjoyable to know what happened to them and to share also what you’ve accomplished so far in terms of your career and love life or simply showing them appreciation for being a part or your life.


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