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What is Social Networking?

We often encounter the term social networking but not all of us really know its exact meaning. Everyday, we are surrounded by people at work, in school, in church, in the community and in the many places we go to. We interact with these people as dictated by our human nature. Modern technology further enhances social relationships as social networking can now occur online.


Social networking refers to the grouping of diverse individuals into specific groups like a community. It commonly occurs when people build personal relationships, spend time or participate in common activities with other individuals. Social networking also happens even without physical interaction. For example, friendships and various relationships may start on the internet.

Social networking online is facilitated by social networking websites. Members of these websites are different people who have the same inclinations and interests. For instance, a specific website provides services and facilitates communication between people who have the same hobbies. Through the website, members become friends, learn and share techniques, are updated with workshops and seminars, and provided with a complete list of reliable suppliers.

To be a member of a social networking website, you must first register. This is done by filling up a registration form. You may need to write personal information that is required by the website. As soon as you are given access, you can begin socializing. You can view profiles of other members, write them messages or joint the website’s live chartroom. Through time, your network of friends will expand as your friends will introduce you to other community members they know. Social networking has no limits and boundaries. Even if you are in a different country, you can have friends who live miles away from you. You will be exposed to different cultures and beliefs. On the same thought, you would also appreciate your individuality and the many things you could also share and offer.

Social networking websites may either be traditional or exclusive. The former have open memberships. This means all people can join. The more exclusive types have certain criteria with regards to its membership approval.

If this type of social networking appeals to your interest and lifestyle, you can check out the following websites: MySpace, FriendFinder, Friendwise, Yahoo! 360, Orkut, Facebook, and Classmates. These are very popular among internet users because they already have an established community of members. When you view these or other websites, you should also evaluate the quality of service they provide. And similar to forming social networks in your immediate environment, doing it online requires responsibility and vigilance. Be aware of the dangers of online predators who assume different identities just to lure other people and take advantage of them.


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